Counselling is a kind of psychological therapy that is provided by a professional person. The process of counselling involves a professional therapist who listens to your problems carefully and provides you solutions for your problems. A professional counsellor provides you advice regarding any of your problems be them domestic family problems, educational problems or problems regarding your mental health. Counsellors give you hope and try to divert your mind set towards positivity. When you approach a counsellor he may take a number of tests and tell you about your interests and those will also help them in determining how your case will take a turn.

Educational Requirement

Educational requirements to pursue the profession of counselling or coaching include bachelors in psychology and then a master in counselling psychology in ashburton. If you are a counsellor it means that you should have very good listening abilities. You also need very active verbal abilities, to know what to speak and when to speak as this is a very important step. You also need some practice under expert supervision to gain some experience in dealing patients. You cannot prescribe medicines while being a counsellor and you may need a special degree for that. Counselling is an emerging field of expertise all around the globe and there is a lot of scope of counsellors and therapists everywhere. The field has a very good scope you can work as an educational counsellor in schools colleges and universities for recommending them different field by determining their interests through multiple intelligence tests. Somme institutes have a wellbeing centre and there is a counsellor to help students with their problems. Then there is a field of a family counsellor who gives you advice regarding how to improve your family relations and lessen problems. These counsellors also may advice you about problems related to divorce and would do their best to solve your problems. Counsellors also help patients resolve mental health problems related to depression, anxiety, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorders by talking their problems out. This helps patients resolve their stress related problems and may help in healing.


 Counselling is an increasing profession and is spread in almost all across the globe, many counsellors all around the globe are helping the people to come out of the problems and the scope in the field is increasing day by day. As people are becoming aware that mental health is nothing that should be kept secondary to anything so people are approaching counsellors for their mental health. People are all over the world celebrating days related to mental health and counsellors have a big hand in providing for health of people.