Migraine is the worst disease that anyone suffers. It is as bad as some huge disease. People don’t take this thing serious but a person who has been victim of migraine know the pain. When a migraine hit, it makes a person lethargic and lazy. It makes a person useless because he is unable to do even the basic things neither he can work in an office. The reason is that he loses all the focus as his nerves start behaving negatively and his brain starts messing up. When the focus and attention is zero, we can’t perform well.

The medicines really don’t cure migraine, we need to stop the things that triggers migraines. Otherwise, we have to waste our days and weeks.

The Common Reasons:

Following are the common reasons that triggers migraine.

  • Hormonal issues:

When a person going through some hormonal issues, he faces the migraine problem. When the estrogen level, prolactin or estrogen level are fluctuating, it results in migraine attack. So, we need to have a proper eye on the hormones.

  • Stress:

Any kind of stress causes migraine. There is a tendency of bearing the pain and issues. If a person absorbs more than a tendency then migraine attacks. For example, a person has a deadline to submit the tasks in an office. If he is running out of time, the stress level increases and hence, migraine triggers. The stress level decreases it’s work efficiency and even if he has time, he couldn’t manage to complete it on time.

  • Lack of Sleep:

It is recommended to sleep for straight 8 hours if a person has an issue of migraine. He can tolerate one night or couples of nights with less sleep. But, if it has become a pattern for a quite while then he can’t tolerate that and therefore, migraine starts.

  • Dehydration:

Dehydration doesn’t only cause if we do not take enough fluid in a day but it can cause due to the direct exposure of sunlight. A heat of sunlight causes dehydration in a body. If direct sunlight hits the head then it starts hurting. If we don’t cure on the spot then it turns into a worst nightmare in the form of migraine.

  • Hunger and Low Sugar Level:

It is suggested to stay full all the time. Empty stomach causes gases which hits the brain nerves. When nerves get disturb it causes pain which results in migraine. 

We can’t always stop the triggers as we have to face multiple situations in daily life. We need to treat it from the root. If we want to manage the pain of migraine then we need to visit refine health group. They provide clinical pilates Bowen hills and physiotherapy treatment for migraine. It helps a lot. You can visit our website for more details.

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